In a meeting that revolves around creativity, music cannot be missing. OFFF Sevilla bets on a space where sound merges with visual creativity in a natural way, reflecting the technological era in which we find ourselves.

In this context, we propose experiences that offer attendees a sample of the most innovative Andalusian music scene, accompanied by artists who express themselves through the most avant-garde technology.

Matsu + Josue Ibañez

Diseño sin título (12)

Matsu's concert will feature the visuals of Josue Ibañez, a multimedia artist from Mexico City who combines creativity, technology and art in all his projects.

The duo from Granada formed by Miguel Membrilla Mesa and Francisco Pérez Liébana compose soundscapes that transport us to other worlds, through the experimentation of electronic music and the exploration of ambient music. Their proposal We is a collage of atmospheric textures that draw organic melodies, which have the ability to move us or even incite us to dance.

Matsu creates delicate soundtracks with an air of avant-garde, in addition, in the remixes of the songs that make up his album have collaborated famous names of the Andalusian electronic music ranging from I am Dive to David Cordero.

The band from Granada has given shape to an emerging discography composed of fascinating pieces, alien to fashions and made with an exquisite taste where quality prevails.

1 Dec. 21.30h

Novia Pagana (Elena Córdoba)

Elena Córdoba (Novia Pagana) is a producer, composer and sound artist. In addition to multiple stagings through concerts in various events such as the last design festival Sevilla Design Walk or the fanzine festival Skisomic Fest. She has worked on the sound creation for plays such as 'EX: El Final del Simulacro', cinema as for the film 'Solitude' by Margarita Morales (premiered this year in the Andalusian Panorama section of the Seville Film Festival), or dance as 'Amar da Drama' with Maria José Villar and Leticia Gude (currently in development). She has also developed proposals such as 'Ellas en la Ciudad' with the urban planner Reyes Gallego (participating as sound artist and editor of the documentary) or participated in the live performance of 'Maestros' of the Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla in 2022.


After the last natural proposal inspired by plants and water that premiered in Orangerie, he now returns with a darker and ambient sound in which organic sounds are mixed with the interferences of new technologies. It is a post-internet reflection through a sound aesthetic.

With the collaboration of Fundación SGAE
2 Dec. 21.00h

Pirámida & Luca Vólkov + Ichbinmupi

Bringing together influences from the most elegant electronica and the most underground techno, the trio from Huelva-Granada is at the forefront of electronic and visual production. After collaborating on many occasions in the past, they join forces once again in the production of an LP that will be released in early 2023.

In her latest full-length work 'Vapour', released in 2021, Pirámida (the name of Rocio Fernández's solo musical project) delves into the sounds and emotions that have inspired her life in an industrial and peripheral city like Huelva.


Under the pseudonym Luca Vólkov hides the singer, producer, DJ and visual artist Lucas Robledo (1992). He experiments with the darkest sounds of music production, generating repetitive patterns that create an atmosphere of evasion into a murky and fierce world.

Behind IchbinMupi is Ricardo Márquez Pérez, graphic designer and visual artist, trained at the School of Art of Seville and specialized in Motion Design at the Escuela Superior de Diseño de Barcelona. He focuses his career between projects of creation of audiovisual campaigns and artistic projects of sono-visual experimentation.

With the collaboration of Fundación SGAE
1 Dec. 21.30h

Proaudio Dj Session:
David Surex

David Surex

David Surex is founder and director of ProAudio Escuela, where he teaches Ableton, mixing and a Live Sets course. He is also an official Ableton trainer since 2014.
For the last decade he is immersed in the direction of the school. As a teacher he adds an experience of more than ten years. He has specialized in teaching Ableton to the point of becoming the only official Live trainer in Andalusia.
He is also a sound technician, electronic music producer and Deejay. Undoubtedly, music is the engine of his life. 

David has managed to turn Proaudio Escuela into a project that has not stopped growing since its birth in March 2012. They have just released new facilities, creating a beautiful and inspiring space, a place according to the teaching they practice, in the cultural heart of the city of Seville, La Alameda de Hércules, a neighborhood of musicians par excellence and artists of all kinds.

Proaudio Dj Session:


Modernphase owes its unique sound to the multi-talented persona of Kali (Luis G.Vallespin) an Audio engineer, Music producer, DJ, PR and blogger. Kali is involved in several projects and bands, including Gameboyz (Relish, La belle, Clouded Vision, Biologic) & Los Disfrutones, Raymod, Sr Spam, Funk Riot Band, etc. He is also co-owner of Spanish label ‘Melómana Records’, Como las Grecas, El Rincon de Kali of DJ Mag Es and Ibiza Sonica.
His discography include originals, remixes and collaborations to other labels like Monge Moi, Night Noise, Play pal or We Play Acid. Best know for “Píntate los labios que nos vamos de after” or “Mucho Calor”

Other duties include acting as press agent for labels such as Discos Pato Carlos, Playground Records, This Side up, Play Pal Music, Shara Music, Melomana, etc; and he are involve too teaching musical computing and Digital Marketing for Artists at SAE Institute, PROAUDIO, Promusica and record engineering at Promusica studios in Extremadura; In the past was featuring differents radioshows at Pure Ibiza Radio (Techno Mode ON & Como las Grecas Radio-show).

Proaudio Dj Session:
Rise Black

Rise Black1

Maxim Gkikaev of Greek nationality and based in the city of Seville, Spain. Rise Black is a dj and
producer with a solid career, signing on some renowned international labels such as Moustache Records, Retrowave Records
Records, Retrowave Records, FU.ME or Hilltown Disco, Science Cult. He is a virtuoso dj that wraps us in the
EBM, Electro, Acid and Techno in each of his sessions.

Enthusiast of the Electro scene, he promotes different artists within his labels Another Perspective and NNY
Records. Also with his parties Electronic Wave and Kursaal, which function as a movement that proposes to
reevaluate the electronic spectrum that is gestated in small regions all over the world; a friendly meeting of electronic musicians, collectors and dj's.

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