What is OFFF?

OFFF first began in Barcelona in 2001 as a festival of post-digital culture with the essential aim of being a source of inspiration and point of communication for creative minds from throughout the world. It is now a leading event in the field, which has helped to create an international community and is open to anybody who wants to learn and at the same time, to share their knowledge.

Taking part in the talks, workshops and meetings which are organized during OFFF are numerous leading lights in the worlds of graphic design and communication, innovators of the moving image, specialists in experimental web design, musicians and artists in sound, investigators of advanced interaction, thinkers and software artists... in other words, innovative and creative minds of every kind who are all key figures in the advancement of post-digital culture. 

Why OFFF Sevilla?

Sevilla is a city which is historically associated with creativity and is situated in a region where the visual is a fundamental part of the collective identity. Once again OFFF makes the city a point of connection and interaction between the south of Europe and the rest of the world.

OFFF Sevilla is an event for people to communicate, develop and be inspired by creativity and interdisciplinary initiatives, a space for exchange between the international network of OFFF, professional creatives, Andalusian artists and the public.

Since its first edition in 2018, OFFF Sevilla has played a key role in supporting the burgeoning innovative and creative sector in Andalusia by increasing public awareness and consolidating interaction with the festival’s international networks.


Discover our awesome new venue: the Real Fábrica de Artillería of Sevilla

OFFF Sevilla 2022 exclusively invites you to the impressive Royal Artillery Factory of Sevilla, which will soon become one of the largest cultural centres in Spain. This space represents an important landmark of Sevillian industrial architecture, closely related to the Spanish overseas expansion in the Modern Age and it is at the top of the industrial heritage of our country.

For four days you will be able to explore for the first time the more than 8,000 m² of this incredible space with more than three centuries of history, in which OFFF Sevilla and its amazing artists and audience will leave their mark through the latest in design, culture and digital creativity.


A little bit of history

From Barcelona, the city where it first took place, OFFF has also held editions in other cities such as New York, Lisbon, Paris, London, Vienna, Moscow, Montreal, Mexico City, Melbourne and Tel Aviv, amongst many others. Thanks to its development through these "On Tour" editions, the festival has generated a network of professionals in the fields of design, creativity and technology throughout the world. During these two decades, OFFF has witnessed the growth of a new generation of artists who began by attending the festival as spectators but now play a central role in the various activities.

OFFF Sevilla is a project run by OFFF and Agostadero, an organisation comprising companies from the creative-cultural sector: SURNAMES, Tertulia and Producciones Circulares.

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