Ladies, Wine & Design Andalucia

When the artist and designer Jessica Walsh founded in 2015 this non-profit initiative, surely she never thought that in Seville, hand in hand with Offf, several Andalusian, national and international women from the art scene would follow in her footsteps. "Ladies, Wine & Design" has already left its mark in more than 280 cities around the world and this 2023 will be paired, one more year, with OFFF Seville and the rich cultural and social tradition of our creation. We will toast and drink from glasses full of experiences from Colectivo Verbena (Granada), Pedrita Parker (Málaga) and Ingrid Picanyol (Barcelona) a meeting curated together with the Huelva designer Granada Barrero..


Gran Reserva: An encounter with trajectory

Since its debut in 2021, Ladies, Wine & Design Andalucía has been an essential beacon of inspiration at OFFF Sevilla. They have shed their light young promises that are illustrating the future of design in our land as the Sevillian Ana Jarén, tPaloma Graglia from Malaga or María Melero from Jerez (Cadiz), to women whose name and surnames are history of National Design as Silvia Fernández Palomar or Marisa Gallén, two of the few women who have managed to get the National Design Award.

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With Denomination of Origin: Granada, Malaga and Barcelona

In this edition, we are proud to present the participation of Colectivo Verbena, from Granada, as well as the brilliant mind of Malaga-born Pedrita Parker and the impressive trajectory of Ingrid Picanyol, who, from what is considered the capital of Spanish design, Barcelona, will bring a fresh perspective. Together, these talented women blur borders, weaving bridges between cultures, generations and styles, to demonstrate that the epicenter is not so epicenter and the periphery is not so periphery and vindicate the talent of the south in its dialogue with other territories.

Colectivo Verbena

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Imagine a festivity typical Spanish. Cheerful, optimistic, sweet, but, at the same time, powerful. This is Colectivo Verbena, a creative studio that dares with the image in all its meanings, static and moving. Granada was the city with which destiny conspired to unite young minds that have been delighting the eye for 10 years with their photography, video, motion graphics, editorial, packaging and digital experiences projects. Young talent with avant-garde ideas that are revolutionizing the world of design and surprising with their personal artistic projects.

Colectivo Verbena starts its ideas from its roots and values. We can see it in projects "pa'no quedarse enmallao" where they develop the graphics of Tasca la Tarasca or in the creation of an identity with a lot of feminist humor for the Coñumor Festival. They defend causes through their creativity and they do it from training, as in the case of "YOUTUBERS FOR EQUALITY" an audiovisual project with teenagers and together with La Psicowoman.

Pedrita Parker


From Benajarafe, on the coast of Velez-Malaga with love and humor. The illustrator Pedrita Parker harvests almost 300,000 followers from all over the world on instagram. The feminine universe, mental health and interpersonal relationships are the spark that ignites the light of her illustrations. A hyperactive woman at work and socially, she will share her anecdotes and secrets to be present in so many face-to-face events, in the digital world and also develop her own brand and illustrate seven books for publishers such as Lumen, Larousse and Lunwerg.

His illustrations for Cruzcampo have proven to have "a lot of accent" and "a lot of power", his characteristic sweetness has led him to design the packaging for brands such as Dunkin Donuts and he is capable of reactivating the local economic fabric of Malaga with a comic for the Whisky brand DYC.

Ingrid Picanyol

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The award-winning Ingrid Picanyol is an international reference. She is part of several collectives of creative women and from her studio in Barcelona she develops projects for the whole world. Her trajectory as a creative director is a testimony that will be a source of inspiration for many creative minds with a thirst for motivation.

Before running her own studio, she worked with Suki Design Studio, RoAndCo (NYC), Javas Lehn Studio (NYC) and ByFutura (CDMX) and lived in cities like New York or Mexico City. They always seek to align innovation within their objectives in a fresh, inclusive and environmentally responsible way. From promoting body positivity, natural beauty and body hair options with Minuet cosmetics or Fitia swimwear to environmentally conscious projects like the ingenious Soluto refillable soap.

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