Sevilla Joven (Ayuntamiento de Sevilla) collaborates.

The idea of this Jam Session is to play electronic music as Jazz musicians do. An environment of musical creation in real time using Ableton Live's Link tool. A Jam Session of electronic instruments and synthesizers in which musicians and artists can interact without limitations.

On the other side of the ring, a colossal gathering of illustrators for the occasion, led by Txiki López. The event is co-organized with Diseñadero and Proaudio, Escuela de Música Electrónica, with the collaboration of La Escuela de Arte de Sevilla with the participation of students Leticia Domínguez and Sara Barazal.

Irene Mala


Irene Mala's work is characterized by approaching the deepest feelings of the human being through her particular look: sometimes popular, sometimes apparently harmless. In her paintings we find a thematic development that speaks of loneliness, of the adversity that surrounds us and nourishes us, and of the inconsistency of our emotions. Faced with these themes, an expression of human fragility and extravagance, Mala responds with a detailed form, expressed by a harmony of lustrous colors. Her painting refers to the tradition of illustration with a look where she manifests the fixation for the grotesque and ridiculous of the human being, and to which she gives form with a technique where affection and empathy emerge. In this sense, in Irene Mala's pictorial poetics there is a clash between the themes developed and the pictorial technique.

On the side of content, in her works the artist delves into emotional entrails, throwing herself into personal passions, discomfort with the world and dissatisfaction with what is expected of each one of us. On the side of form, her technique is sharp, seeking harmony in graceful forms by which she is able to communicate in a universal way those cracks and bitterness. 

Miguelo Delgado


Electric guitar and audio effects.
Miguelo Delgado is a guitarist and composer who explores the different styles and rhythms that are part of his musical universe.

Taking jazz as a reference point, this artist immerses himself in the sonorities and characteristics of different places and styles to try to make the music converge in a personal way, always looking for a confluence and point of reference.
personal way, always looking for a confluence and a meeting point of his own. After many years in different formations, the Sevillian composer feels that it is time to focus on his personal project.
time to focus on his personal project and for this reason, after a long period of composing, he began to work mainly as a soloist. He is currently expanding his sound range by creating together with Pepe Benítez the group DUÄL, where they explore electronic music in conjunction with jazz and new trends. 

Pablo Little

WhatsApp Image 2022-11-15 at 14.06.06

 Little lleva consigo un gigantesco universo de emociones y pensamientos, cargado de contradicciones; el amor y el desamor, las despedidas y los reencuentros, lo terrenal y la magia o lo extraordinario.

Sus dibujos  podrían mirarse desde el prisma de un adulto pequeño o de un niño grande con emociones encontradas (felicidad y miedo) en el mundo en el que vivimos.

A lo largo de su trayectoria, ha expuesto su trabajo en muestras individuales,  ha sido creador y director de 'Galería Central' (Universidad de Málaga) de 2009 a 2012, y desde 2014 dirige el proyecto DMENCIA Muestra de Arte Contemporáneo. También, ha formado parte del tándem creativo Crótalo & Triángulo (2014-2016).

Sus ilustraciones han aparecido en publicaciones de carácter nacional tales como El Mundo, El Español, Harper’s Bazar, Neo2, Notes, L’Officiel, AD España o Revista LaMuy.



Ableton Live + Sintetizadores.
Lospiestorcidos is the project of Jorge Navas, Sevillian musician and producer of electronic music. Navas gives free rein to his restless creative curiosity of intimate sonorities, starting from experimental minimalism to sew with precision suggestive ambient textures and angular organic rhythms, in which he leaves the tasteful aftertaste that always mark his footprints. The sensitive soundscapes of his pieces evoke both the electronic music of Christian Löffler, James Holden, Max Cooper or Kiasmos, sprinkled with pop reminiscences, and the hazy visual rotundity of the works of Joseph Mallord William Turner or Mark Rothko.

Lospiestorcidos externalizes with their music a firm discourse on creativity from diversity, fleeing from empty condescension, with a strict interest in visualizing a collective that is daily exposed to walls to tear down in the brave conquest of spaces of dignity.


Meri Merino

Meri Merino

Maria is called Meri by everyone. She studied fine arts in Seville, and has always loved working with children and giving them painting classes, and observing their creative process. She realized that this was the kind of art she was interested in. Since then, he continues to give classes to children, and even adults who are interested in this creative process. On the other hand, she is also painting and illustrating her personal projects. 

One could say that she is a multifaceted artist, but she prefers to think simply that she is playing and adapting her language in every possible way: ceramics, textile painting, murals, drawing, digital illustration, painting on canvas, posters? To an infinite number of possibilities.

Future Ark

Future Ark1

Ableton + Synthesizers.
Future Ark is Tero Heikkinen, a composer, producer and mixing engineer from Helsinki based in Seville. He has released one album: Angelonia (WeAreWolves Records 2021) and is currently
is currently working on his second album. His latest singles Discotrotter and Gnu (both through the Finnish label Alakulttuuritalo) have entered for example in playlists of The Line of Best Fit (UK), Ground Control Madrid and dlso (ITA), and played massively on Radio 3 and Radio Helsinki.

Apart from Future Ark, Tero has played synthesizers in Kiko Veneno's band. As a producer or mixing engineer he has worked with artists such as Quentin Gas, Palo Alto, Borneo, Tatín Muriel, Piramide and Young Forest. He has composed
music for short films and documentaries, being his last work the soundtrack (with Antonio Figueroa) for "Elio" which premiered on La 2 of TVE. He is also half of the duo Kindata.

Txiki López

Txiki López

Visual artist, draftsman, illustrator and designer, Artivist ;)
He has worked as an illustrator, draftsman, designer, costume designer, set designer and creative for numerous projects, audiovisual and stage productions nationally and internationally. As a visual artist he has exhibited in several galleries in Spain and Europe, as well as in various festivals and events always relying on drawing, which is his main language and making pioneering use of new technologies applied to it. Working from a deep intention of systemic transformation, positive social and environmental evolution.

He has illustrated live and provided technical advice for numerous shows, events and artists, Seville comic salon, concerts in vignettes, worknrio festival, etc. . He understands drawing as a show and likes to win that space for it.

For years he has been collaborating with Diseñadero Sevilla in a technological-artistic alliance that goes beyond friendship.


Holed Coin


Ableton Live + Modular Synthesizer.
Holed Coin is Jose Carlos Acal Blanco's personal project, as well as a band. He is also a member of the Territorio Slow Collective. Holed Coin's goal is to tell stories and invoke feelings in the listener with a fusion of organic and electronic sounds.
Holed Coin's first EP was released in 2014 by Sonora Records and since then his tracks have been released by labels Bar25, Pipe & Pocket, Earthly Delights, Ready.
Mix Records, Lndkhn, Dream Awake, Lebensfreude Records, Nifu Nifa Records, Underyourskin Records, Lump Records, Cosmic Awakenings and Heimlich.

Currently, José Carlos has visited cities like Berlin, Moscow, Tulum, Kiev, Rome, Ibiza, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Madrid among others showing his solo live set and DJ set full of ethnic rhythms from all over the world, synthesizers, arpeggios. Also piano sounds with influences of downtempo and electronic world music with the aim of expressing his idea of what electronic music is.

María Saiz

María Saiz1

María Saiz Benítez is very excited to participate in this project. Philosopher and tattoo artist, she lives each day intensely, enjoying the pleasures that her profession gives her. 

Digital illustration has been a revolution in her way of working, in terms of efficiency and the many possibilities it offers. It never ceases to amaze him how well these two disciplines that are so different from each other, one so virtual, the other so carnal, fit together.

His mind and his taste are attracted to many and varied stories, and they always have a soundtrack.
Going to draw at the closing Jam of the Off festival? There can't be a better plan!

Guillermo Jorge Manjon

Sin título

Modular Synthesizer.
Guillermo began studying flute, solfège and composition, and continued his studies at the conservatory where he studied acoustics, harmony, piano, etc. in addition to flute. Later he enters the Royal Conservatory in The Hague (Holland) where he obtains a degree in flute and pedagogy. In Holland, among other things, he has the opportunity to perform Steve Reich's complete works with the composer himself.
During this time, he also completed his advanced degree at the Conservatorio Superior de Aragón. In 2004 he sat the competitive examination for a flute teaching post at the CPM "Cristobal de Morales" in Seville, while continuing his studies at the Academy of Orchestral Studies Baremboin - Said and obtaining the Official Master's Degree in Music Education at the University of Granada.

He has always been interested in new music and specifically in electronic music. He is a regular at clubs in Madrid like The Omen, Soma and international clubs like the first Tresor, Fuse, etc. He has the opportunity to see live the best international DJs and producers (Jeff Mills, Aphex Twin, Surgeon...). His fascination leads him to into the world of production. He participates and tours around Europe as a keyboardist in different productions of the theater company Triángulo. He also begins to collect and exchange electronic instruments; MPC, Moog, Dave Smith, Roland, Novation, Elektron -You name it!- have passed through his hands. He has had a deep knowledge of Ableton Live since its first versions. Currently he is immersed in the preparation of an EP recorded entirely with analog synths.

David Surex

surex dia de la musica color

David Surex is founder and director of ProAudio Escuela, where he teaches Ableton, mixing and a Live Sets course. He is also an official Ableton trainer since 2014.
For the last decade he is immersed in the direction of the school. As a teacher he adds an experience of more than ten years. He has specialized in teaching Ableton to the point of becoming the only official Live trainer in Andalusia.
He is also a sound technician, electronic music producer and Deejay. Undoubtedly, music is the engine of his life. 

David has managed to turn Proaudio Escuela into a project that has not stopped growing since its birth in March 2012. They have just released new facilities, creating a beautiful and inspiring space, a place according to the teaching they practice, in the cultural heart of the city of Seville, La Alameda de Hércules, a neighborhood of musicians par excellence and artists of all kinds.

Apart from the work he does within the school, he is also a promoter of cultural events. And director of the radio program "Con secuencias" a program for lovers of electronic music. The purpose of these events and its main objective, is to give visibility and support to the students who pass through his classes.

Mariano Torres

Sin título

Drums + Synthesizers.
He has worked with artists such as Marina Gallargo, I Am Dive, The Baltic Sea, Kindata or Patricia Rodriguez Laso (Alar Dance Company).

He started in music as a drummer, after years behind the instrument and the desire to develop in other fields, he began his path in music production, delving into genres further away from
genres further away from the instruments to which he was accustomed, and more given to sound experimentation.

In his collaboration with the Alar Dance Company and the work of the dancer Patricia Rodriguez Laso (Deforme caos de bellas formas) they manage to mix soundscape, percussion, electronic music and dance.
electronic music and dance, being the closest exponent to what the Sevillian musician continues to develop today.

Mangu Díaz


Modular Synthesizer.
Mangu Diaz is a multi-instrumentalist musician, composer, arranger and designer of eurorack modules (Tesseract Modular). He plays double neck mandolin-mandola and darbuka with the progressive folk band RareFolk, a group with more than 25 years of experience, 6 albums released and performances at numerous international festivals. 6-string electric bass
strings in the chamber music group Ensemble Hispánico Numen chamber music group. With two recordings and performances in the United States, Philippines, United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal, China, Australia.

He also stands out as a composer of soundtracks for videogames (oOH!!Bunnies, Timothy vs the Alien), documentaries (La Noche es Necesaria, Sexo Azul), as well as for having worked with bands such as Califato 3/4, Narco, Las Niñas, O'Funk'illo or Nolasco.

Nacho Puyol


Sound Technician.
From 2011 to the present he has worked with the rock band Reincidentes, and with the theater company Sennsa, working as PA technician, monitors, music producer and road manager.
producer and road manager.

He was also a teacher in the training center Micro-escuela teaching the professional sound module. He has worked with the company Quasar in charge of sound. Since 2006 he worked as a sound technician in several programs for Canal Sur including Las Mil y una noches or Viernes noche.

From 1993 he worked as a live sound technician with artists of many different musical genres, Pop, Rock, Flamenco and a long etcetera.

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